Valentine’s Day Blog

Sometimes guys can mean well but be clueless. It is partly because of the differences in the brain wiring and the different ways genders approach language. As a rule, and of course with exceptions, guys are more linear and respond to both acting on specific directions and solving problems put to them. Creativity is often…



The Valentine’s Day check in

I had someone ask me this week if I thought Valentine’s Day was worth all the hype. She lamented that it was really a Hallmark invention and not worth the effort. The truth is that Valentine’s Day has been around for millennia. We have been celebrating it in its present form since the Middle Ages…


painful sex1

When sex hurts. Find out why and how to fix it.

When it hurts to have sex. Identifying and solving the problem. Women suffering pain during sex is a very common topic discussed during my patient sessions. It’s also the source for many tears and tissues. Think about it, if you experience pain every time you have sex how long does it take before you don’t…


low libido

New ideas about keeping things spicy

One of the questions that I ask people when they come in to see me as a sex therapist is “tell me about the best sex you’ve ever had. “ Men usually base their answer on their sexual performance. Or the time when they acted out the Kama Sutra and did 10 positions in the…