Why all the sex therapists I know are starting to eat organic and having Green sex. Chemicals are bad for your weenie

www.sexwithsue.com My daughter brought home an Earth Day reminder letter today with suggestions about turning off lights and lighting candles from 8:30 to 9:30 this Saturday night. She's keen (as much I think about staying up late as anything else), and earnestly wrote the time on her calendar.  Coincidently, I also got a new book from Random House in…


Reading about the U of Montreal study that says watching porn doesn't change what you like sexually. Apparently we find new porn options interesting, but doesn't change our base preferences. Interestingly, they had real trouble finding a control group of men who don't watch porn. Smile

The uban dictionary. How to understand the acronyms sex trade workers use to advertise their services

www.sexwithsue.com, www.urbandictionary.com The grocery in my neighbourhood always gives you you the local tabloid free if you are shopping on Sundays. Blaik reads it for the hockey scores, and one of us will end up reading the hooker ads in the back pages aloud for entertainment. Sometimes the marketing in the sex trade business is really clever. Anyway, one…